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On: 01 March 2010

Droneo 1.2 preview

Not shown in this video: the excellent Evolving Chant timbres,

posted at 23:11:26 on 03/01/10 2010 by jhhlnet - Category: Droneo


commenter wrote:

Just bought Droneo today - most amazing wonderful software. As though I'm being accompanied by a living breathing entity.
A couple of things for a wishlist:
- A slider to fine tune base frequency. Typing in the Hz to match a particular instrument is a bit hit and miss, and can take a few attempts to get there.
- Would sound even better in stereo, with the evolving sounds panning around.

Also, I get occasional half second drop outs in the sound (iPod touch 8G 3rd Gen). Might switching the iPod off and on help?
03/02/10 2010 21:07:41

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