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On: 06 March 2010

Droneo 1.2 last minute features

The features keep creeping in, these one suggested by Droneo user J. Lawrence. He had a particular problem that Droneo was not really set up to handle, which is to match Droneo's base frequency to real-world instruments that themselves cannot be fine tuned. This is a different problem form getting the intervals fine tuned (which the tine spiral does pretty well).
So, I've added a fine tuner slider that pops up when you set the base frequency. It has a range of +/- 50 cents, with a dead zone in the middle so you can get back to the center tuning more easily.
There's a second feature related to this one, designed to deal with the problem of reusing that carefully matched tuning in other Droneo voices.
It's a little tricky, but makes sense once you get the basic concept.

- Every time you set the base frequency explicitly, or use the fine tuner, it remembers that setting as the "Kept" frequency, K.
- This includes loading a new Droneo voice. Whatever explicitly specified base frequency you set gets saved as K.
- Setting the frequency to "K," though, will use that frequency instead of setting it freshly. This will display as "K [frequency in Hz]".
- Sometimes, K is not in the right octave for your needs. You can specify K+octave or K-octave to transpose it up or down the specified number of octaves. So if your intervals are high, you might want to say "K-3" . This in no way affects the actual K frequency, only the effective frequency you are using. It will show
as "K-2 [effective frequency]" e.g. "K-2 27.5"
- If you wiggle the fine tuner, it will stop being relative and become explicitly set again. Doing so also resets K! Yo can use this to transpose
your explicitly set base frequency by octaves, just type "k+n" or "k-n" for octave "n", and tap the slider in the middle.
- To help with this trick, and fine tuning in general, I've put a dead zone in the middle of the slider so you can zero in on the pre-fine-tuned frequency.

One way to use this would be:
You set up the first voice to be a tuning voice (it can be something simple like a very quiet sine, for tuning purposes).
Then you switch to a relatively tuned bunch of more interesting drones, which will be able to be in tune with your tricky to tune analogue musical instruments.
In fact, these can be in completely different voice banks, or imported .


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