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On: 26 February 2010

Droneo 1.2 more news

Droneo is basically at the "You don't finish, you just stop" stage now... it's pretty good. THere are some excellent features, some of which may get a little tweaking in a point release. Mostly, I'm fixing up the documentation now.

The Import/Export feature is really good though. It could stand to have a more tolerant parser, but , eh. URI's with the scheme "droneo://" that are accessed on the phone will launch Droneo and load that Voice into the first slot. So you can build a library of drone voices and import them as needed form a web page.

I've been playing with very low frequency insects, chirping in near unison. Also: the first 8 partials of a square wave, being churned with non sinusoidal timbres.

So, the end is near for this version!

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