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On: 30 September 2014

SrutiBox 1.4

SrutiBox hasn't been touched since 2010, and it kind of soldiered through iPads, retina, iPhone5 phones ... but now with iPhone 6 and 6+, and ios8, Sruti stopped working.
It was actually due to the way the Accelerometer is being handled these days.
So I'm fixing it, giving it a new look, but not making it iPad sized ... it really doesn't need it.

This version will start at iOS 7.1, so old devices won't need to update, they can leave it alone,

It's also not getting any features like AudioBus or IAA. I'm leaving that more sophisticated stuff to Droneo and whatever I replace Droneo with.

It MIGHT get some new or better sounding timbres, and get a few bugs fixed.

Stay tuned!

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