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On: 09 April 2009

New App on its way!

Coming soon (I hope): the Lake Piano!

Lake Piano!

Imagine a piano in a summer home on a small lake, far in the north of the Northeastern United States. Imagine the piano sitting there for 60 or 70 years, untuned and unmaintained.

The naturally prepared timbres of the Lake Piano are now here for you, each missing felt, each individual nuance of the key action and character-filled tones. Briskly recorded one summer in lo-fi, these samples also contain sounds of children, cats, screen doors, and the summer breeze.

Lake Piano is played with a double row of scrolling piano keys, which allows one to have access to two octaves of nostalgia in any musical key, or at least a passing resemblance to a key.
It also sports a volume slider.


By the author of SrutiBox and Wind Chimes.

I'm going to get the Lake Piano "website" together soon and get some samples on it.

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