New Gadget Madly In Hope

On: 27 March 2009


SrutiBox is getting a little brother - it's going to be a cheaper drone synth with a more pronounceable name: Droneo.

Droneo evolving

I don't know if this"bee" motif will stick, but I like honey and beeswax, so why not.

By the way, the new "evolving" series of timbres is really interesting.. I may put them into SrutiBox as well.
They are timbres that periodically blend in random harmonics so there is a lot of movement,
and they can be "churned" just like any other timbre.

I want to make a few more presets (and get rid of the "sruti" scale set from the main screen...), and go over the documentation, make the support site, etc.
But I', really enjoying it.

posted at 20:05:35 on 03/27/09 2009 by jhhlnet - Category: Droneo


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