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What is the art like?
Upcoming Shows
Check out lots of examples of the variety of images possible with The Daily Vapor. Soon, you'll be able to see some physical examples at some of these venues!
Upcoming , Ongoing and Former Art Shows
April: Songs and Backing vocals for MASHville, a Midnight Matinee show combining the Robert Altman movies M*A*S*H and Nashville, April 1, 2023: https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/126192.
January: Remixes for the "DiarRhemix" contest on Ken Freedman's show,
April: "Free Bird" cover by The Jazz Kissingers, played by Ken Freedman, April 6, 2022: https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/114286
March: "Am I Falling In Love?" (from "rerouting...") and "When He Comes" (from "roaming on"), instrumental tracks on these Camden Joy albums: https://camdenjoy.bandcamp.com
April: "Willow by the Lake", a mysterious folk song fromUnder Dead Water, a spin-off of the podcast Mandible Judy.
March: Party Girls remixes on Ken Freedman's "Party Girls Remixes" CD, a benefit compilation for WFMU. I provided Ken with the isolated narration that I and others used for their remixes.
September: Interview in Sound Bytes Magazine by Warren Burt on my software and musical ideas.
August: 'The Lost Chord' is part of Ergo Phizmiz' The Dimbola Mikado. In a related project, "Dum Fizz" is one of the remixes in Dimbola Mikado Remix Album
March: A track, "Lowenji", on "Mindfulness for Jerkoffs", a benefit cassette for WFMU.
March: Two versions of "Ostriches" with Kurt Gottshalk, a benefit CD for WFMU
September: My transcription for string trio of part of Chance The Rapper's 'Do You Remember' for my niece Elise's wedding Sept 21 2019
February: Collaboration with Ranjit Bhatnagar "Wrenches"
April 30: Welcome To My Parlor at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, Poughkeepsie, NY for Cocoon Theatre's soirée series. Cautionary and tragic songs and poems, joined by Brian Dewan on accordion and autoharp.
March 26: Equinox at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, Poughkeepsie, NY for Cocoon Theatre's soirée series. Cloud music for longer days - drones and artificial speech, with Craig Chin.Here is it recorded on the Errant Space Podcast.
February: Collaboration with Ranjit Bhatnagar "Untitled with Enumero"
Protest and Politics: Chuncheon Korea protest remix
March: PARLOR-Y PARLOR at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, Poughkeepsie, NY for Cocoon Theatre's soirée series. Period songs and poems, joined by Brian Dewan on accordion and autoharp.
June: LOOMIS CHAFFEE 1974 ALUMNI ART SHOW at the Mercy Gallery, curated by Keith Raphael. I had a wall of Vapor Paint prints, SX-70 /postcard pieces and a video presentation showing two animated pieces from 1974.
September/October: THE IMAGINARY APP curated by Paul "DJ Spooky" Miller and Svitlana Matviyenko. I have two apps in this show. It's been shown in London, Ontario and Arlington, VA, and NYC.
January: POWERS OF ONE over at Core 77.
Read about former shows and artwork in my biography section
What are the physical characteristics of the prints?

A single data structure of animated gestures is used to produce many forms of the "same" artwork. Each form will be able to be purchased individually, or in packages.

Each print can be custom rendered to cover any specific range of time and space from the gesture data. These - among other - formats are available:

Sizes: 20x24 inch 10x12 inch 5x6 inch 10x24 inch
20x48 inch
Timespans: 1 frame (1/30 sec) 1/5 sec 1 sec 5 secs custom
Formats: giclée print
(archival inkjet)
postcard Computer image file
Computer movie file
DVD custom

It also makes sense to purchase several prints from the same series. There are progressive discounts on this kind of purchase.

For some series, each print will be unique, and the artist will register each span of time and space with the original purchaser's name. Each print is signed and authenticated by the artist. A copy of the corresponding DVD is included with the print(s).

Each DVD has the animation, selected low-resolution stills and screen background images, and an explanatory video on how the art is created. The music is also created to go in synch with the video.

Upcoming Series
Note: many have not been drawn yet (April 2005)

meadow invokes a meadow throughout the span of a single day. The grasses, the insects, the breezes, the flowers, the dew, the roll of the ground.

seasons show the changes of a northern American landscape throughout the seasons.
lake takes you above and below the surface of a lake.
microzoa displays the menagerie of microscopic life.
night sky
night sky contrasts the steadiness of the celestial bodies with the movement of the moon, aurorae, planets and meteors

solar shows the the sun and its flares, spots and pulsing.

breath traces the eddies of breathing.
calligraphy features writing gestures.
dance puts shapes in choreographed motion.
bleed shows subtle color plane changes.
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