Imaginary Apps

Created for a project curated by "DJ Spooky" (Paul Miller) and Svitlana Matviyenko in 2012, which went on tour as an exhibition and was also made into a book of essays (these are not in the book), published by MIT Press.
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Know Down

There are situations where you don't know up from down. For instance, when traveling in space. There may not be a reasonable definition of "Down". This app communicates with other copies of itself running on nearby devices to come to a consensus as to which way "Down" should be. When the device is oriented "Down," it vibrates. Now you can navigate outside the space station without needing complicated cues.

ɧəɨ'ɹa ɲɵɳ^^ ʄiʴʗuːu

ɧəɨ'ɹa ɲɵɳ^^ ʄiʴʗuːu broadly expands interspecies social networking as the first messaging app tailored specifically for cetaceans. Using the GPS and a mesh grid of WiFi buoys, humpbacks, rights, blues, and orcas can now join with the dolphins in "Squeeting" their pod status, location of feeding and mating grounds, and disseminating idle cetalebrity chit-chat. Earlier this year, a beta version was used to organize anti-Pacific Garbage Gyre actions to great effect. This app has done a lot to unite the cetaceans of the Pacific, and now there's a push to get coverage in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
BTW, I hope no cetaceans mind that I didn't put the cantillation points on the name of the app. 10 octaves of phonemic pitch really stresses out the good old IPA, and there really isn't a good way to describe their language as a transliteration into human phonemes.
I don't want any orcas to get upset with me and post stuff like " χɥʑǃ ɧœƕ, ʆɷʴɘʛʸ kʬkʭ!", roughly translated "it may be a free app, but I wouldn't waste my money on this epic fail."
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