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On: 04 January 2024

2024 is here!

Well, many projects are kind of stuck in a sleepy state right now! I've been writing firmware for the mysterious h-pi Flash synthesizer, roughly thumb sized. To control it, I've put together a crude webapp.
Line Hum is in better shape, but I want to see if I can control the size of its window. Furrau is not any different, much, there are still some AU tricks I need to discover.
I'm also interested in porting Pink Trombone to an AU that uses MIDI polyphonic pressure commands to make vocal sounds. We'll see!
AUMI Together is not very together, but the AUMI book is coming out soon, and there should be a new video and a new AUMI soon with some obscure features added to it mostly for my own sake.

I've also been making physical instruments out of my Ear-idescent Nightingale 24 string autoharp, and a bunch of old wrenches.
There are some youtube videos detailing this:

I get the very silly domain and have its website running on the NAS in my kitchen.

I should move some of my older stuff off the old ECHO website there!

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