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On: 28 April 2018

Wassup 2018

Here are some projects I'm working on:

There's a new app not under my name in the app store that I wrote: Verna! The food preference app. Read about it at .

Unreleased apps in various states of completion:

PolyHarp: I wanted to get this out in December, but it looked bad on iPhone X (in emulation at leaset) so I am trying to get it to behave. As a side effect, it now runs in Landscape like lots of other music apps, although I prefer Portrait. Some parts are still a little wonk in Landscape, I'm looking into them.

AUMI Sings: this is a project much like AUMI, but more sophisticated musically. AUMI Sings is designed to allow voiceless people to sing in a choir. This problem is very difficult, but it mainly means extending the concept of selecting a sound with a cursor to being able to change the choices for sounds with the cursor , and also modulating sounds with a cursor. While it's initially concerned with vocal sounds, it actually opens up the concept to more sophisticated music making. Beside having a new, more logical and extensible codebase, and directly participating in the iOS musical ecosystem, it will be more rigorous in its configurations and eventually have more kinds of trackers.

AUMI: AUMI is slowly building its way toward 2.0 from it's already more powerful 1.7 version (which has time quantizations and face tracking) . The internals are being fixed up so that instruments now can be grouped in sections (because there are now a great number of them), video options and other obscurities will be moved from the settings part of the instructions, I hope to redo the instructions so they are not one big document. And much more!

Fortuna tuner: Fortuna uses visualizations of the sound itself to show you how in tune your instrument is. It compares live audio to pitches derived from intervals taken from the vast set of Scala scales. I'm extending the Scala format somewhat, adding base pitches and various tags so you can search for them intelligently. This way, I can also add standard tunings for instruments. When done, it should be able to import and export scales in Scala format, and you should be able to build them using my Tone Spiral interface and also by analyzing a recording (or even live audio). Eventually, it should be available as an AUv3 (it might be a kind of a pig though), and used in a sound chain.

Drongen: The successor to Droneo is underway and has a way to go. Basically, it'll have a more sophisticated graph of transitions between timbre states and intervals, rhythmic control, and no limits on simultaneous voices, and cross-communication so that decisions made in one node can influence voices in other nodes. There will be special "views" of the graph to make it easier to set it up in terms of pitch an d timbre. Timbre will be expanded to samples and generated wavetables (impulse x formant model) It kind of makes my head hurt.

Fit2fake: My unreleasable demo program is really fun! It takes summaries from the New York Times API and makes up fake news based on mashing them together. It would violate NYTimes API restrictions were I to release it. I may rebuild it, though, so it can take a variety of corpuses from a server I'd set up.

Sitting In A Room: Another special project made a really long delay recording , meant to be played through a speaker, like the famous "I Am Sitting In A Roo" by Alvin Lucier. I may release it with his permission.

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