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On: 10 January 2017

Wind Chimes

Another casualty of the Apple Purge is Wind Chimes. Wind Chimes has an interesting history! When the iPhone first came out, it was a sensation! and after a few years, the second version, confusingly named the iPhone 3G, came out. I was thinking, now people will have this great device lying around that is out of date! Why not make it have a dedicated purpose of some sort? And so, the Wind Chimes, taking advantage of the accelerometer, was written and released in November 2008!
When the iPad was released, I updated Wind Chimes, and that was basically the last time it was touched. Wind Chimes is one of the very few apps that actually runs (after a fashion) on ALL IOS devices. Because of the way the Apple development system works now, it'd be really hard to keep up this compatibility. So I'm sadly writing a new Wind Chimes, which will run on OS's 8+ I think, and natively accommodate newer hardware. It'll also be using AudioKit for its infrastructure, which means it might be able to connect to AudioBus and iAA. The original animations and bars will be there, but I may add a few more and make it more customizable. There may be more kinds of chime sounds and user-created chimes. Also, it may have a more sophisticated generative music section.

But one thing at a time!

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