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On: 18 April 2011

Nice Reviews of my Apps!

It's so great to get good app reviews!

beautiful interface, great tool

by ocean_jasper
I purchased this app a week ago and have used it for every violin lesson I have taught since. The students are able to place their pitch in the context of the overtones, providing a much better tuning tool than a simple tone given on a metronome. The interface is easy and enjoyable ... my students love playing with it. I have not gotten deeply into the nuances of the various drones ... I've found a few favorites (the evolvers and some simple sine waves) and stayed with them. The included info seems comprehensive and excellent. The application is vastly better than DroneStation, the other tool that seemed like a possible contender.

Only minor piece of feedback is that I spent 30 minutes looking for how to turn the drone ON and was ready to give up and email for technical support ... discovering finally that the only way is to use the overall volume slider. It would be nice and also more intuitive to have a simple on-off button in addition to the volume slider.

Overall, great application for my purposes, and well worth it compared to over $100 for a traditional Indian drone box!!
Thanks Ocean Jasper! I hope you discover that you can tap a slider anywhere and it will jump to where you tap - which is a little like having an on-off button.
The upcoming Droneo has some interesting additions and changes. Droneo , Srutibox and in fact all my apps area available with an educational discount for qualified institutions! see:
Fantastic drone app

by Golden master
This is a great sounding and feature packed app. I am a just intonation enthusiast and i love the amazing amount of flexibility allowed in specifying intervals and timbres. Very useful and unique. My first app review-- just had to say something about this one.
Thanks Golden Master! I'm happy to see that there are a number of iPhone/iPad apps which are respectful of alternate tuning systems.

How weird are you?

by McMugwump
Enumero is just weird. I mean that in the best way. I actively search out weird applications on here all the time, and Enumero certainly fits the bill, snuggling right on in there with the best of 'em. Now, instead of counting in different, oddball manners, you can substitute phonetic speech. Ramp up the interval between "counts," and suddenly you have a device that's speaking in tongues. Switch to Latin. Switch to binary. Swtich to hex. Or radio hex. Switch to toy piano. Lots of options to get your weird on.

Or maybe you just want a counter. It'll do that, too. As for me, I'll stick to the transmissions from another planet.

Turn on. Tune in. Tweak out.
Thanks to McMugwump! Yes, Enumero is wierd! Some of the best fun with it , as mentioned in the Radio Show Interview I point to, is that you can run several apps simultaneously , including Enumero WHILE IT'S COUNTING.

Add your reviews to these, if you please!

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