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On: 03 March 2011

Minute 1.0

Hello patient listeners:

I have a new app in the iPhone app store called Minute 1.0 .

When you push the red button, it will let you record up to sixty seconds of sound .

It will then categorize the sound into stretches of silence and sound .

Then it will stretch the silent stretches until the whole sound lasts one minute .

Stretched*&*^%sounds*&%%$can*&#$^*$*$# sound-#*&^#&*noisy,


If this sounds familiar, you are probably thinking of John Cage's Indeterminacy .

I was . If you are still thinking of it, visit .

You can make it stretch more than sixty seconds, up to two minutes,

and also less then sixty seconds andinfactremoveallthesilencesinsomesituations.

y o u c a n a l s o s t r e t c h o u t t h e s o u n d s i n s t e a d.

Minute . Take a minute. Right now, it's a free minute.

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