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On: 20 December 2010

Tondo 1.0 is In the App Store

Tondo v1.0 is now available for sale! An amazingly fast turnaround from the Apple Reviewers! And what luck - a sample I made with it was featured on the Sound Is Art blog just the other day!

What the heck is Tondo? It's a real time spectrogram loop painting program. You are finger painting sound. You can also record a sound and analyze it into a spectrum which you can then draw on top of, erase, add echos, etc.

Tondo is very flexible.

For those of you who like tracker-like bleepy-blorpy music, you can lock the time to your favorite quantization and build up little rhythmic patterns. The loop it plays can be up to 1 minute long - but you can precisely set it so you can make LP lock grooves (1.8 seconds), 78 skips (0.76923 seconds) or other odd lengths. I use this feature to make the soundtrack for part of my upcoming video "POWERS OF ONE" which BTW, you should go and vote for over at . That's a whole other project. But I digress.

Tondo exports voice data and audio via iTunes' document interface, and also via its own Bonjour-enabled web server. Like Droneo, it exports and imports editable voices to the clipboard, so you can paste them into emails, blogs, presentations or generate them algorithmically - sort of. Also like Droneo, if you navigate to a "*.tondo" file with Safari it will launch Tondo and load the voice.

And blah blah blah. If you are still interested, zip over to and read the instructions.

For old fans of my software - going back to 1988 or so - Tondo is the iPhone descendent of my old Amiga program RGS. For people who have seen old demos of this software for the last year and a half, it used to be called Loopi. I changed the name so it wouldn't be confused with another iPhone app.

I'm so happy it got approved so fast, I'm dropping the price two bucks to $1.99 until January 1st.

Reviewers! Email me for a promo code if you don't have a deductible $1.99 to spend.

Purchasers! Please rate this and my other programs! Ratings are crucial to us iPhone Appwrights!

Enough exhortations! I'm really happy about this!

Merry Lunar Eclipse and Solstice,
-- Henry

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