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On: 21 March 2010

Droneo 1.2.1

Well, I thought I"d be working more to get Loopi ready, but instead, I've fixed up Droneo 1.2 to get a few issues resolved.
Foremost, I didn't like by hastily put together export/import format, so I redid it a little to make it more friendly to external processes like wrapping.
The parser is more tolerant, it tells you what's wrong if it thinks something is wrong, makes sure some values aren't out of line, and allows yo not to specify some settings or mix up the order. All commands end with ';', so they can be wrapped. # at the beginning of a line to the end of a line is a comment.
By the way, ";","<" and ">" are converted by the exporter into ":","[" and "]", in case these control characters are in descriptions , names or reed interval specifications.
That's so the parser won't get confused.

Look at how beat up a handmade voice can be!

Droneo FV1.1 droneoahet; version: 1103 ;
name: FV1.1d ;
#here is a line that will be ignored
desc: Droneo: Harmonic scale with Evolving Mirror 3, churning with Sine 11 ;
#created: 2010-02-23 03:20:55 PM ;
baseFreq: D1 ;
#volume: 0.0 ;
volume: 00.00 ;
reed5: <6/1>,0.3243507,0;
reed6: <7/1>,0.6357273,0;
#timbre1: Evolving Mirror 3 ;
#timbre2: Sine11 ;
chorusFreq: 32.10078 ;
churnFreq: 34.84496 ;
isRandom: NO ;
#nameStyle: 0 ;
#modulationState: 0 ;
reed3: <4/1 nice> , 0.5838312 , 0.7914156 ;
reed4: <5/1>,0.2335325,0;

reed7: <8/1>,0.4995,0.8822337;
reed0: <1/1>,0.06487013,0.999 ;reed1: <2/1>,0.7005974,0.999;reed2: <3/1>,0.2465065,0.999 ;
reed3: <4/1 nice> , 0.5838312 , 0.7914156 ;
reed4: <5/1>,0.2335325,0;
reed5: <6/1>,0.3243507,0;
reed6: <7/1>,0.6357273,0;
reed7: <8/1>,0.4995,0.8822337;

Droneo will still read the old format, but only gen the new.

It will also load that export into a blank patch if you launch Droneo via the droneo:// URI scheme.

For users of the new Kept Base Frequency feature, Droneo will now remember the last Base Frequency setting that it was using and reuse it on restarting Droneo.

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