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On: 19 January 2010

Droneo: the Timbres

Here's a little video showing all the timbres currently in Droneo 1.1.1
(a few more than in 1.1)
on YouTube

posted at 00:04:04 on 01/19/10 2010 by jhhlnet - Category: Droneo


commenter wrote:

I just bought Droneo at the reduced price and really like it. But I have a question.

While in the 'Minor' mode, I randomized the timbres to the point where I didn't like the sound and wanted to return them to the original 'factory' setting. But I'm not finding a reset button.

I tried using the virtual keyboard on my iPod Touch 3G and replacing the cent values in the first timbre with the letter A. But a '?' kept appearing. Thus, I 'lost' the first timbre completely.

I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling it. Is there an easier way to reset? Thanks so much for your help.
01/22/10 2010 18:40:21

commenter wrote:

Never mind. I found the default settings on my own located in the Voice Banks.
01/25/10 2010 16:17:33

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