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On: 28 October 2009

Droneo 1.1 submitted to the App Store

Droneo 1.1 - and all that implies - has been submitted to the app store. It has a new way of doing the Instructions that should be better than the old way. Also, I want to do videos for it.

I hope people don't hate the fact that I added AppiRate to it , which politely asks for a rating after 30 days or 15 starts. I think Droneo is pitifully underrated! Even my friends who "promise" to rate it ... sometimes forget.

Take a look at Appirater, Created by Arash Payan ( . I may enhance that interface a little to allow me to track usage a little better.

posted at 01:42:22 on 10/28/09 2009 by jhhlnet - Category: Droneo


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