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On: 06 August 2009

WFMU radio app in the store

Last Sunday, the WFMU Radio app went live in the App Store. It's a free program, for the foremost Freeform radio station!

"Yes!!!" by Bat Feats
Tune in, tune in, where ever you are!
5 stars

"So Very Top Shelf!" by Hi, How are you?
My favorite radio station ever! Now my favorite iphone app, none even come close. Awesome music & talk programs. Too Many original, handcrafted programs to name. My favorite show is The Best Show On WFMU With Tom Scharpling, Tuesdays 8-11pm (eastern). WFMU is cutting edge & now it's at the tips of my finger, always. Thanks!
4 stars

"Best free form station in the nation" by Tiny Mummies
Next update needs programing schedule and the instant feedback msg board

Little known fact: you can click on the link in the about screen and browse while the radio is playing!

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