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On: 18 July 2009

July Update

Hi folks!

Recently I've been working on a lot of iPhone stuff and may have more to report soon - right now some things are in Non Disclosure Agreement situations.

But I can say that I've been working to get Loopi to save files in mp4/aac formats, which would mean it would be an easy leap to creating ringtones with loopi.
I want to get Loopi's sample analysis to be more accurate, but that's a little tricky because an FFT would have to be heavily manipulated to work well. I also want the drawing to be sped up and the calculations sped up as well.

Thank you if you have bought my apps - I think SrutiBox especially has a pretty solid reputation after being in the store for nearly a year now.

Don't forget to review my apps (favorably) and if you are using them for fun or performance, tell me and I can put you on my performance pages.

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