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On: 24 April 2009

Droneo Submitted for the App Store.

I'm finally satisfied with Droneo 1.0 , so up it goes to the Apple reviewers.
Droneo is a more drone-focussed version of SrutiBox, with only 8 oscillators, so there's no need for the "expand/contract" feature. Also, it lacks the accelerometer "pumping" of Srutibox. But it has some more extensive features like the ability to display the intervals as standard notes + cents offset, cents, or Hertz as well as the usual way. And a pretty amazing set of evolving timbres, which add so very much to the drone, including the mysterious "evolving mirror" timbres which sound especially good at low frequencies.

This a way to get out a more expanded , useful droning app without the baggage of Carnatic music or preconceptions about timbres.

And it's well positioned to get that social aspect of saving and sharing patches for the next version.


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