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On: 16 February 2009

SrutiBox 1.2.1 in Pretty Good Shape

SrutiBox 1.2.1 is almost ready - now that I've settled on the UI, I need to redo the instructions pages.
Sruti v 1.2.1 churn page

As you can see, there's a new order to the buttons, Churn churns timbres, the info and save buttons look a little nicer.
I added some more buffering and sped up the human voice generation, but it still puts in a little gap when you choose voices.
when choosing a vocal timbre, I generate each "reed's" timbre waveform for that particular frequency, matched to the format shape of a human voice (bass, tenor, alto, soprano) appropriate for that frequency. That way, you don't get "mickey mousing".

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