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On: 06 February 2009

SrutiBox 1.2.1 coming

It's not really done yet but Srutibox 1.2.1 is well on its way with:
- new '0' level for base frequency octaves - "A0","fs0" etc.
- churn and chorus moved together
- the buttons that used to just change the interval sets now act more like "patch voice" buttons in a usual synthesizer and now hold :
base Freqency
minimum volume level
chorus frequency
churn frequency
intervals and interval names
volume levels and timbres for each "churn voice"
- the ui moves the patch buttons tothe top of the screen
- the UI removes the old churn button - now you tap the label of the churn/chorus slider
- churn now also churns the timbres as well, so you will be able to make it go "oooo---aaaaa"
to be done -
- more buffers experiment to get rid of "gaps" in the sound
- easy way to set the churn timbres
- faster way to compute vocal timbres.
- more timbres?? << maybe not this time
- networked load/save of patches <<< probablynot this time

the new "patch" system is definitely geared toward picking patches off a network server ...I just want to make it lightweight enough so the thousands of SrutiBox users can organize them well.

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