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On: 30 September 2008

Timbres get Picked

Much as I love my special custom made timbre-picker, I'm taking it out to use the more standard UIPicker instead so that there can be more room on the screen and you can pick more accurately . This is because I've been adding lots of timbres and it was getting cumbersome! Amongst these timbres is one that is built out of the spectrum of a harmonium reed, and "voices".

SrutiBox V1.1 screen

SrutiBox 1.1 timbres

SrutiBox will come with some read-only presets as custom Scale intervals:

in the SrutiBox preset:

Sruti from V 1.0.1 this is custom so you can modify some of the intervals to replace, say, the kind of useless "Ma" (729/512) with a more useful octave higer "sa" (2/1).

Harm from v1.0.1 this is now based on the true 1/1 and not two octaves higher. You can use lower pitched base frequencies to build a richer timbre directly out of harmonics.

in the Just Just preset:

Harm (as before)

r+5..., Five octaves of roots and perfect just fifths.

5ths, a chain of fifths from 128/81 to 2187/2048.

M3,m3, a pattern of major and minor thirds piled up on each other - sequential tones build up into familiar extended chords like Major 7/9/11 or minor 7/9

The "pumping the volume" algorithm got tweaked so that the higher number reeds fade out faster than the lower numbered reeds. This lets you hear the effect of pumping more (or not, in case you set the minimum volume up to 100%).

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