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On: 27 September 2008

SrutiBox 1.1 ... more changes

Features keep creeping in as I change my inner philosophies about SrutiBox.

- saved settings are more important now. There will be a number of read-only settings shipping with them so more Interval Sets can be used.
These "presets " are read-only, but can be renamed to a read-write copy. The current settings are automatically saved in a special set called "Last Settings" when you exit.
Read only sets are marked in a gray color in the list and cannot be deleted.

- the random feature has changed: now it has a separate button (a toggle) next to the chorus slider. This makes room for more interval sets.

- There are more customized Interval sets .. in fact I'm thinking of simply having the 12 ET and Just sets as "permanent" and the others (Harmoinic, sruti) as customizable, thus making 4 customizable Interval sets in each setting setup .

- - - - meanwhile, I'm also working on other projects.

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