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On: 18 September 2008

SrutiBox v1.1 will have savable settings

Here's the current V1.1 screen:

Sruti v1.1 sep 18 08

The (s) takes you to the new save screen. The entire state of the Srutibox except the random tunings is saved.
Maybe I will save them after all - why not?

This example is using a custom interval set. When you name a setting or choose it, it becomes a button at the top of the "play" screen,
which will reload that scale when you press it (like a revert button).

Here's the save screen list, which is pretty boring.
Sruti v 1.1 save screen
Each time you start the application, it overwrites a saved setting called " Revert to Start Setting", so you can go back to where you started.
I used to name it with the date, but they really piled up and I don't have a rename function yet!

The waving-to-volume function has changed a little to make it more sensitive. And since I came up with the new timbre picker, I'll be coming up with some more timbres, probably sounding more like real reeds.

On the other hand, I've been thinking I may put out a variant of the SrutiBox that is more experimental and yet simpler. More as this develops.

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