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On: 13 September 2008

Sruti Timbre expansion

Sruti V1.1 has more timbres in it: three "reed or organ" like timbres (odd harmonics mostly) and some new human vowel formant based timbres. Because there are so many now, the timbre slider is being replaced with a button bar like thing. Apples button bar cannot be customized to match my simple UI scheme, so I made my own .
SruitBox v 1.1 : New Timbres
It's fun to drive the voices with pitches out of their ranges, but since each "reed" gets a custom made wave form, I may merge the vowel sounds for each range into single timbre settings, that is, the vocal "AH" will be bass AH for low frequencies, tenor, alto, soprano, as the pitches go higher.

I may also add in some weirder formant based sounds of my own, now that I'm not restrained in the number of sounds.

A few more features may creep in before release.

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