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On: 09 September 2008

More updates

SrutiBox 1.1 is coming along nicely - I think there'll just be one more major feature before I let it go : saving your setups under a name.

I feel ambivalent about that, because presets and saved and shared work is such a creativity suppressor. Maybe I'll just make sure no public post lasts more than a week . That way, popular stuff will survive, as long as it gets reposted. I could also be nice on the repository site and expose the patches as XML so you can use them in external computational programs.

You may have noticed the SrutiBox web site is a little easier to understand. I'm working to make the instructions less mysterious. I'll probably add a links page with microtonal, Carnatic and experimental links related to this application.

I see that SrutiBox is starting to get some blog references and referrals. Thanks! If you are using it in compositions, email me (, and I'll link back to you somewhere in the SrutiBox site.

There are other apps on the way too, some more and some less useful than SrutiBox.

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