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On: 14 August 2008

V1.0 submitted

SrutiBox as submitted to the App Store
I made a few more changes and submitted the thing to the app store. I hope it gets approved - I hope it gets popular!
The changes:
- improved Help pages. They are essentially the same as the new SrutiBox web pages: as seen here.
- LFO changed to "Chorus", because, who cares that it's an LFO.
- Timbre numbers from 1 instead of 0 in the UI. the timbres remain the same, though.
- base frequencies of the "named notes" raised to be based on A=220, because it was mighty quiet on the physical iPhone.

I am annoyed by the 11Khz buzz that comes from having such a low sample rate, but it was something I didn't want to spend cycles filtering out.

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