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On: 12 August 2008

Scales adjusted

Sruti Box

The Box now has these changes:

1) you can type a note name in the base frequency spot and get standard tones. that way, you won't need to remember the frequencies of specific notes. You can spell the notes in upper or lower case, and the accidentals with s,f,# or b, e.g. B-flat can be spelled: Bb,Bf As or a#.

2) the three ratio sets are now chosen with buttons and not with a segment bar (which was fairly unstylable).

3) The random button will randomized the current scale, not just the ET 12 scale as before. You can see the offestes in cents (¢) and repeatedly hitting "Rand" will rewarp the scale.

Sruti Box with random scale

3) setting the LFO to 30 actually turns it off. For a slow LFO, nudge it back a bit.

The Random and the LFO do a lot to add a little life to the otherwise static sounding tones. If you turn up the timbre when the base frequency is low, there is a lot of higher frequency life as well since you hear a comb filter effect.

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