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03 May 2017

Yes Session Refreshin'

Apple thinks Yes Session is "too old" , so I'm updating it to work with bigger iOs phone devices.
It's not any smarter than it used to be, no new messages, but at least it's going to know about iPhone 7s and other large phones.

Yes Session, while not very musical, is an interesting thought experiment, and I sometimes need its encouragement myself!
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21 June 2011

Yes , Yes Session is in the App Store

Yes Session is in the store! IT'S FREE FOR THE FIRST 100 DOWNLOADERS and I'm up to 44 so far.
Yes Session is an interesting experiment in self assertion (well, for me at least - it's in my own voice as shipped.)
it listens to your ideas, and then responds with encouragement when you pause.
You can also put your own audio in via the iTunes Document interface.

Future enhancements - if any - will be the ability to record your idea and mail it out (sans encouragements...), more voices, nicer graphics.

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01 June 2011

Yes Session

Yes - I submitted Yes Session , thanks to the encouragement of yes Session itself.
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29 May 2011

Yes Session

I whipped up a new app this morning, based, actually, on a feature of my old AMiga audio processing program HARM.
It's called Yes Session, and what it does is rather simple. Turn it on, and tell it your idea.
When it finds a bit of quiet , it will encourage you and egg you on for more ideas.

This version is all audio, but I'm thinking of getting y talented actor wife and her friends to record some video for me that I'll dynamically play in the same way .

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