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29 September 2010

Enumero v1.0 in the store

Can you count? I sure can't! I suspect after the last 10 or so years of elections nobody else can either.
That's why I wrote Enumero 1.0. This app is Free in this initial version, and runs on iPhones, iPads and iOS4.

It's UGLY - something I'll probably get to in a later release, but it had to work in all those configurations, and sideways and upside down.

Enumero counts forward and backward, from -999,999,999 to 999,999,999, by any integral amount. It can pronounce the whole number, just the last digit (except for decades) or tick (except for decades). It can count at various speeds, but it's not a timer - if the number is longer to say than the amount between ticks, it waits until it's done before counting again.

If you miss the sound of my voice, that's me counting. I use a sneaky algorithm that uses different versions of parts of numbers to make it sound a little more natural. Under iOS4, it counts in the background. Read the support site at the obvious URL:
There's a little video there too.

V 1.1 ... already has some little improvements and I'm going to refactor it so that it can speak with different voices, languages, and maybe add a few other features. But then it will jump to the wallet-stretching price of 99 cents.

Eschewing puns with the word "count" in them,

P.S. This app was originally names "Enumerabo "I shall count", but it seemed a little lengthy.
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21 September 2010


I have a new app coming to the store, a quickie named Enumero. It'll be free to the first few hundred downloaders, then goes to Tier 1 (0.99)

It's a app got counting things (aloud, in my voice), and is kind of a mental exercise. Future releases will count in other languages and use other voices.

Enumero actually got rejected for claimng to be able to run in the background under 4.0 when it couldn't. So I took out the flag that said it could do that.
But it took so long for Enumero to get reviewed again that I significantly updated it in the mean time - so now it's using a different engine internally and _can_ count in the background under 4.0.

Let's see how long it takes for it to get noticed!

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