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26 February 2010

Droneo 1.2 more news

Droneo is basically at the "You don't finish, you just stop" stage now... it's pretty good. THere are some excellent features, some of which may get a little tweaking in a point release. Mostly, I'm fixing up the documentation now.

The Import/Export feature is really good though. It could stand to have a more tolerant parser, but , eh. URI's with the scheme "droneo://" that are accessed on the phone will launch Droneo and load that Voice into the first slot. So you can build a library of drone voices and import them as needed form a web page.

I've been playing with very low frequency insects, chirping in near unison. Also: the first 8 partials of a square wave, being churned with non sinusoidal timbres.

So, the end is near for this version!
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04 February 2010

Droneo 1.2 news

Droneo 1.2 is not ready quite yet ... but there's a feature that you'll really like! You can now cut and paste a representation of a Droneo Voice to the pasteboard (a/k/a clip board)!
That means:

a) you can use this to shuffle voices around (crudely) to make new voice banks. Just create a voice or select one, triple click to get to the voice edit menu, export it,
select the new bank, select the voice you want, paste it. HTis would be less kludgy it there were real cut/paste buttons ore something.

b) you can paste it into mail, notes, address book entries, third party note programs and save or swap them that way. A crude social networking of voices is possible that way!

c) you can even edit them if you are careful and load them back in via paste. that way you can yous the power of scripts to create the mathematically correct drone of your dreams

looks like this:

Droneo FV1.0
version: 1103
name: e4good
desc: Droneo: 1
created: 1265338034.980459
baseFreq: A2
volume: 0.99999
timbreIndex: 18
timbreIndex2: 14
chorusFreq: 27.52713
churnFreq: off
isRandom: YES
nameStyle: 0
modulationState: 1
reed0: <1/1>,0.1556883,0.999
reed1: <15/8>,0.999,0.5708572
reed2: <1/1>,0.1686623,0.999
reed3: <3/2>,0.6616753,0.4540909
reed4: <1/1>,0.2205584,0.999
reed5: <9/8>,0.8692597,0.4021948
reed6: <1/1>,0.7574835,0.2075844
reed7: <5/3>,0.8562857,0.4151688

in regards to this comment left by "anametowriteareview"
popping/clicking with "evolving 1" timbre

Is any one else getting popping/clicking with the "evolving 1" timbre? I tried to find an email address to email the developer directly but couldn't find one. Bummer because this is my fav timbre
I'm trying to see if I can get the little bumps out of those evolving timbres - it's tricky because they evolve independently at a control rate different from their playback rate. Your hearing little amplitude bumps in the wave as it evolves. It's less noticeable with higher frequencies, and of course, noisier timbres.
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