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06 November 2009

Droneo 1.1 actually available for sale now

Droneo 1.1 is now appearing in the (US) App Store! tell your friends.

Droneo is using Appirater, which works like this (from

Now every time the user launches your app, Appirater will see if they?ve used the app for 30 days and launched it at least 15 times. If they have, they?ll be asked to rate the app, and then be taken to your app?s review page in the App Store. If you release a new version of your app, Appirater will again wait until the new version has been used 15 times for 30 days and then prompt the user again for another review.

It will go away if you want it to, but it will pop up when those time limits have gone off.
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Droneo 1.1 now available for sale in the App Store

I don't know why it disappeared, but Droneo 1.1 got rather quickly approved and will be in the store shortly. Version 1.0 is up there now.

So I hope it's a big success in its new incarnation!

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04 November 2009

Droneo missing in App Store!!

For some reason, Droneo is missing in the App store ... a new one should be coming soon, but that's really disturbing. I've sent a letter in to see if that makes a difference.

Meanwhile, the new Droneo support website is up.
look at it here
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