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28 October 2009

Droneo 1.1 submitted to the App Store

Droneo 1.1 - and all that implies - has been submitted to the app store. It has a new way of doing the Instructions that should be better than the old way. Also, I want to do videos for it.

I hope people don't hate the fact that I added AppiRate to it , which politely asks for a rating after 30 days or 15 starts. I think Droneo is pitifully underrated! Even my friends who "promise" to rate it ... sometimes forget.

Take a look at Appirater, Created by Arash Payan ( . I may enhance that interface a little to allow me to track usage a little better.

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20 October 2009

Newest Tone Spiral

Tone Spiral 091019

nicer buttons, and new "original" key resets you to the original ratios and shows you what they are, lets you snap to them .
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14 October 2009

Droneo: Preview of 1.1 features

Here are some more recent shots from Droneo - I have to come up with version info and instructions.
New Tone Spiral screen

A Tone Spiral is a way to organize the intervals used in a Droneo voice so that you can see how they relate to each other and to various sets of intervals.
Every loop of the spiral is another octave, and octave related intervals are all on the same line. You touch and drag around the little circle , which represents a reed's interval, and you hear in real time what that reed is doing with that resultant pitch (and chorus and volume setting and churn). It's very interactive.
"off" reeds organize themselves in the center for easy differentiation. You can have your drags snap to the guide intervals (picked by the interval buttons), or retune intervals to the nearest guides for comparisons. When not snapping to the guides, the same button is used to randomly perturb the tones, like the "Rand" button does.
The button with the check in the corner means you will replace the original intervals with these new ones, otherwise the the button with the cross will revert to the original intervals.
Droneo 1.1 also adds the two insect timbres used by SrutiBox.

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02 October 2009

Droneo in Progress

Droneo is also getting an upgrade in a week or two maybe, with this cool new feature:
tone spiral
You'll be able to set up the intervals via this tone spiral (which will look better ...
The black spiral represents logarithmic interval values, each cycle of the spiral is an octave higher, these spokes are the 12-ET scale. (that's why they are equally spaced) There will be a menu of choices to help you choose tones, and also a snap button. you just drag the circle (reed) to the interval spot of your choice. This is really interactive and can be played as an instrument. More to come!
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