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24 November 2008

Wind Chimes available now!

Finally, the Wind Chimes are available for purchase ($1) in the App Store!

Another chance to bliss out!

Find it in the Entertainment section.

Until then, you can search for it. or use this URL:

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14 November 2008

Wind Chimes submitted

I just uploaded the wind chimes for Apple to test - maybe it'll be available next week!
-- actually it got rejected because of the splash screen with an iPhone on it. Maybe by Thanksgiving!

Meanwhile, I've been fiddling with the Sruti Box. Some new features will make it somewhat more complicated,
but I don't want to force (or compel) the thousand or so current users to upgrade if they don't need those features.

So I'm trying to see if I can take the current version and re-submit it under a new name, (maybe making it a dollar cheaper),
while the upgrade will remain a free option for the current users, and new adventurous people will also be able to
get the fancier application (It's not that much fancier).

Ideally, I'd also like to be able to give a discount on SrutiBox to those who buy the wind chimes.

email me with your ideas --

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13 November 2008

Wind Chimes Splash Screen

New Wind Chimes Splash Screen
Hastily revised from the one that had a picture of an iPhone on it.

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