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22 February 2009

Sruti v 1.2.1 submitted

I just submitted v 1.2.1 so maybe the folks at Apple will get to it next week.

Thanks to the Hudson Valley Mauc User Group (THUG) for letting me show off these and a few other in development apps!

Sruti Box is a lot more interesting ... one thing I just added was a new Timbre that is very experimental : it' designed to be used at very low frequencies to make chirping or heartbeat like noises. You can already do this with the vocal timbres, but this one is especially made for it . It also aliases like a buzz saw at the usual frequencies (yes, I admit I'm not using bandwidth limited waves here here). It's super rich and so responds well to chorusing as well.

The ability to save so much info as voices/patches is going to be useful when I finally add the features to save and share patches through a network.
I have a pretty big variety of settings, and to combine them with a little explanation and commentary would be great, and maybe links to your own compositions and experiments in audio and video.

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06 February 2009

SrutiBox 1.2.1 coming

It's not really done yet but Srutibox 1.2.1 is well on its way with:
- new '0' level for base frequency octaves - "A0","fs0" etc.
- churn and chorus moved together
- the buttons that used to just change the interval sets now act more like "patch voice" buttons in a usual synthesizer and now hold :
base Freqency
minimum volume level
chorus frequency
churn frequency
intervals and interval names
volume levels and timbres for each "churn voice"
- the ui moves the patch buttons tothe top of the screen
- the UI removes the old churn button - now you tap the label of the churn/chorus slider
- churn now also churns the timbres as well, so you will be able to make it go "oooo---aaaaa"
to be done -
- more buffers experiment to get rid of "gaps" in the sound
- easy way to set the churn timbres
- faster way to compute vocal timbres.
- more timbres?? << maybe not this time
- networked load/save of patches <<< probablynot this time

the new "patch" system is definitely geared toward picking patches off a network server ...I just want to make it lightweight enough so the thousands of SrutiBox users can organize them well.
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