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16 June 2013

AUMI! and more

On June 1, 2013, my app AUMI, written or Deep Listening Institute, went live! AUMI is a music app that tracks motion in video to trigger sounds or play MIDI.
we have great hopes that AUMI will allow severely disabled people to play music and to get some audio biofeedback, and have some fun!
Also, we, the temporarily abled, can also enjoy it. It runs on all iOs devices with front-facing cameras.

Meanwhile iOs7 is removing the way most of my synthesis apps make their audio. This probably means that people running my apps on older devices will not be able to update them (because Apple doesn't support old iOS versions too well . They think history started with the iPhone 4 and iPad (1). and that original iPad is rapidly being left behind.
So , I'll have to swap out my audio engines and get all that running .

Some apps may have to be retired out of the store, I think.
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