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05 June 2016


one of the little forgotten apps in the stable is synthicity itself.I'm not updating it to make it compatible with IAA or Audiobus or anything else - it'l remain a little stand alone instrument. But I found a few little bugs and updated a few things so it should be coming along soon. if you DO want something like it that is wayyyyy more powerful - and a lot like it and Ellipsynth, try Shoom, by Yuri Turov.

Droneo 1.5 .. the updated Droneo NOT Droniet - is finishing up, I just need to get the docs in sync and fix one more annoying thing. It's a lot more powerful ant the previous version,but nowhere near what Droniet should do.
But don't expect Droniet any time soon!

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07 August 2013

synthicity 1.2.2

I was wondering why synthicity wasn't turning into landscape mode anymore - there was a change in ios6! 1.2.2 fixes it and also supports those long devices that came out last year.
synthicty is a nice app.
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15 August 2012

recent news

- I dropped the price of synthicity itself to $1.00 , so it's a little more sinthle.
- My upcoming app Synaesthesia is getting a name change because there's already one in the app store (that is not as good suffers from design-o-rrhea). It will probably be called See Hear (like the old Zine store).
- Oh how I want to make ellipsynth sound a little better.. but maybe I'll just shove it out there anyway.
- I'm trying to get a new setup for making demo and performance videos of these apps.

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30 May 2012

synthicity itself 1.2 is in the app store!

synthicity itself is a little less simple, and is now available in the app store as release 1.2. update it! i am working on some new demo recordings, and i actually have a 1.2.1 in the works with what i hope are some optimizations and tweaks. also: it's on sale for $1 until the end of the wwdc (june 17 2012).
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22 August 2011

Synthicity itself 1.2

I'm fiddling with synthicity itself a little .. I don't know why ... but it's getting a timbre picking button, the ability to save and load patches (hmm), from and to the web and record to iTunes documents and pasteboard.
SOme of this is in there. I don't really want to mess with the simplicity, but a little more oomph would be nice!
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