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20 December 2012

Droneo 13.44 submitted...

Droneo with Audiobus support has been submitted.
It also has the amazing transpose button in the tone spiral and a reconstructed instructions file.
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15 December 2012

Just in time for the Mayan Apocalypse, Droneo 1.3 is now available in the Apple App Store.

About 2 years dawdling in the making, it sports:

• more timbres
• two new counting and patterns evolving timbre classes.
- counting timbres plays the reeds in preset, predictable permutations
- pattern timbres are more programmable in that they play by
adding harmonics to a timbre in sequence
• recording of your drone
• Audio Paste of that recording
• improved Tone Spiral helps you specify higher and lower intervals
• enhanced interval specification language. That is to say in small print:

You can now divide any interval equally, not just an octave by specifying
degree:divisions@numerator/denominator, e.g.
3:5@4/3 , which is the third degree of a perfect forth divided in 5 equal tones (298.83 cents)
8:17@3, which is the eighth degree of three octaves divided in 17 equal parts (895.04 cents)
You can specify that an interval is relative to the interval of the previous reed:
"[interval specification]
interval resolves to:
reed 1: 1/1 1/1
reed 2: "9/8 9/8
reed 3: "10/9 5/4
note that this will be changed to an absolute interval if you
subsequently use the Tone spiral.

• Ability to shut the drone off in the background (from the settings app)
• a Big PDF of instructions as opposed to the mysterious interactive instructions.
You can download them right off of
• bug fixes and interface tweaks.

That said, 1.3.1 is in the works, which SHOULD have Audiobus support, better 5" phone support and the cool new transposition button in the Tone Spiral. I hope to get that out before 2015.

Happy Droning, tell your friends, leave ratings and reviews!
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10 December 2012

Droneo 1.3 submitted

Well, it's s finally on its way to the Store... Droneo 1.3.

I hope to follow on soon with the Audiobus Version, which is almost working.
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03 December 2012

Drone 1.3

I'm going to sit on it for a few more days, but then Droneo 1.3 will go out to Apple. I spent a few hours today makinghte new instructions pdf, which YOU can read at:;

Ad-Hoc testers can find the new copy at the usual place.

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