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12 November 2012

Ellipsynth 1.0 is In the App Store

Ellipsynth is the 11th iOs App I have in the store under my own name, and today is 11/11. You have a whole month until the Mayan Apocalypse to enjoy it.

If you've enjoyed the hands-on instant feedback polyphonic thrills of my app, synthicity itself, you may really enjoy the hands-on polyphonic granular audio warping thrills of Ellipsynth (1.0).
The screen is a little more crowded with controls, but it's got a lot of the same philosophy: get your digits on audio.

There's no real reason to call it Ellipsynth, other than the little ellipses (⬭) which dot the screen , and occasional line up like ellipses (…). This pun's for you!

In a Nutshell:
- It's a universal app that plays nicer of course on iPad and iPad mini formats, but will play on your touch. It needs iOS 5.1 and up.
- A sound loop is represented by a colored ellipse. Its position in a grid determines the speed that loop is played and the pitch that loop is played at independently.
- It has ways to constrain those positions to musically useful values.
- You can also interactively drag around the ellipse to new positions within the loop.
- You can record your own loop to manipulate,
- You can import a loop via Sonoma Wireworks' Audio Copy & Paste. For instance you can make a loop in Tondo and import it into Ellipsynth. Ellipsynth will be joining the roster of ACP compatible clients when I get around to sending them some materials.
- You can record an Ellipsynth session and export it though Audio Copy & Paste for further processing.
- Comes with a small number of preset sounds that I didn't have to license, but you can also drop in your own sounds with the iTunes Document interface.

I've really been working on this on and off for more than a year, so I'm happy it got out the door. I've used it in a small number of musical projects that you may have heard, like my track on WFMU's Sun Ra Remix Album, Rood of the Somoc, (which actually features Tondo and Droneo as well), and my entry in the 60x60 Project, Minute by Minute (which also uses Minute).

I'm still trying the get the cat to play it to make a viral YouTube video for it, but I'm probably going to have to do it myself. Meanwhile, you can look at Ellipsynth's page on

Have fun, tell your friends, leave a review!
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