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01 October 2011

Droneo 1.3 pattern feature

Well, I've been doing a lot of work on Droneo ... I think I will release a 1.3 after all and take some of the big ideas and make a new droner that's either Universal or iPad only. 1.3 mainly needs new instructions and a little similar cleanup. The patterns feature is currently specified as the label of a ratio, and it really needs its own spot. But maybe it will remain the way it is for now.

the new program will be much more generalized: it may, however, read both srutibox and Droneo export files!
- mirrors, evolving, churning, counting, and patterns, and consorts will go away because they are all specific implementations of a more generic concept of timed timbre creation.
the new system replaces the old such that each "reed" has:
- a ratio specification. the display mayl also display the Hz, cents, and std versions of that ratio/pitch simultaneously.
the ratio spec, which currently allows cents, ratios and equal temperaments, will also allow Hz (irrespective of base frequency) and maybe Std too.
- an optional label
- the possibility of being perturbed (the way it was via the "rand" button)
- maybe some other ratio-related features in the future.
and a list of these timbre specs, which are advanced per "pulse"
- continue flag (play the same as the last timbre spec)
- source waveform
- target volume
- target pan
- resolution speed (as percent of pulse or as static milliseconds, and curve type (linear/log)
- harmonic choices bitmap (0-31) 0 - silence, 1 - first harmonic, 2 - second harmonic , etc, and we randomly chose among these. thus, "0,4-8"
- harmonic choice percentage (the chance that a new harmonic will be chosen on this pulse)

the idea is to allow up to 16 or maybe more reeds, too, depending on how fast I can make it and what the sample rate is.
the pulse is specified in either seconds/pulse or, when it's fast, pulses per minute.

please email me drone at jhhl dot net with your critiques!
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