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17 August 2010

iPhone 4 stuff

I'm running around, updating the imagery for iPhone 4's retina display. Basically, you make a double sized version and slap an @2x on the end of it, like
Default@2x,png, Icon@2x.png ...
The Retina display is so nice, it really makes the iPad look funny. I think at some point there will be a Retina display for iPad, but it would have to drive
1536 x 2048 screen at video rates. But it would be really nice.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for SrutiBox 1.3 to get in a reviewer's hands.
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07 August 2010

Srutibox 1.3 coming

It is SrutiBox's 2nd birthday in the App Store!
You, my beloved readers, carnatic fans and droners, have bought nearly 3000 of them!

I just uploaded SrutiBox 1.3 for approval in the App Store - this version runs in the background as well it should under iOS 4.0.
The only thing is, the accelerometer gets turned off in the background ( it's something that happens with Wind Chimes too ...) so the pumping feature doesn't work there, but otherwise, it's really useful.
Also, I ported over the base frequency fine tuner from Droneo: so if you are using SrutiBox with a "real" instrument that has its own peculiar tuning, you can get it pretty close with this convenient slider.

As a side effect, I noticed that the AppStore no longer is interested in apps that will run under 2.0. I had to bump it up to 3.0. Sorry, impecunious and cautious early adopters!

Droneo is also getting an update, but it's more ambitious, because Droneo is where the real drone research is going.
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02 August 2010

New Gadget, etc, restored

GoDaddy sent me the backup for this blog, so now, it's not a year and a half out of date anymore!

Again: I'm working on updating my apps for 4.0 and adding a few little extras in, as well as working on the forever-delayed new apps.

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