New Gadget Madly In Hope

05 June 2016


one of the little forgotten apps in the stable is synthicity itself.I'm not updating it to make it compatible with IAA or Audiobus or anything else - it'l remain a little stand alone instrument. But I found a few little bugs and updated a few things so it should be coming along soon. if you DO want something like it that is wayyyyy more powerful - and a lot like it and Ellipsynth, try Shoom, by Yuri Turov.

Droneo 1.5 .. the updated Droneo NOT Droniet - is finishing up, I just need to get the docs in sync and fix one more annoying thing. It's a lot more powerful ant the previous version,but nowhere near what Droniet should do.
But don't expect Droniet any time soon!

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