New Gadget Madly In Hope

22 August 2011

Another new project

Amongst the things I am cooking up : Sonoctopus. IT's a utility that aspires to take sound from various sources, save it, manipulate it a little, and upload it back in a number of formats and methods.
so: take something off the clipboard, trim it a little, paste it to Sonoma Copy/Paste and mail it out as an AAC. (I don't know about making an MP3, that's a license issue I think).
It works pretty well so far - I'm going to add in the ability to post to SoundCloud and BandCamp and other sound posting places, once I get the authentication for them. It'll also screen scrape web pages for their mp3s, import from iTunes and podcasts, and serve the files via iTunes documents and its own Bonjour-discoverable website and maybe FTP if I'm that insane.

email me with pricing suggestions: I'm thinking this is a pretty useful $4-$5 app.
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Synthicity itself 1.2

I'm fiddling with synthicity itself a little .. I don't know why ... but it's getting a timbre picking button, the ability to save and load patches (hmm), from and to the web and record to iTunes documents and pasteboard.
SOme of this is in there. I don't really want to mess with the simplicity, but a little more oomph would be nice!
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