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30 August 2008

SrutiBox News

SrutiBox now is 8 for 8 with five star reviews.

I also updated the Sruti Website with audio samples so those who want a taste of what it sounds like (with some theory mixed in ) can do so.
These examples are presented in mp3 (VBR) and FLAC, in case someone wants to hear lossless audio.

It's also my birthday today - I'm 52.

Version 1.0.2 is coming along . I may be adding some features having to do with interval set saving and customization - If I can find somewhere to put the buttons for that.
On the other hand, I really want to keep this application simple. It's a harmonium after all.

I'm thinking an adaptation of RGS would be a good project .
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27 August 2008

Leskapett progress

Leskapett is making noises, but it's using a version of Sruti's synthesizer.
The future Leskapett will have a little sequencer in it and will do granular synthesis on samples I preload . Filters. "Capacitors" that charge and discharge. Delays. and some really strange looking control surfaces.

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Thank you SrutiBox commenters!

The SrutiBox is starting to sell, but what's even more gratifying are the kind comments and high ratings left by purchasers in the App Store.

I've been bracing myself for comments like "I don't get it - where's the sequencer?", "OMG THIS SUXXXS" and the like.

Version 1.0.1 has been submitted for review and may be up later this week, Jobs willing.

Send comments and suggestions to tutti-srutti (at) if you don't want them to be so public.

I'd like this product to stabilize somewhat (and not have so many creeping features). Getting the internal synth loop to be faster, bandwidth limiting the timbres and adding more realistic reed timbres would be things I'd add. I may also add a user-created tuning, and people would want to name and save their tunings, and maybe even share them over the net ... I'll think about it. I don't want to chew up my provider's band width! (Or do I?). There are a number of setups that I'd like to share myself!

Meanwhile there are a lot of other projects I'm working on. Lots.

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25 August 2008

Sruti Box available for sale

As of this afternoon, SrutiBox is available for sale!

More news is that 1.0.1, with a few cosmetic changes and other slight improvements , is on the way!

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22 August 2008


iNocchioPe pin
Here's a peek at another nearly unpronounceable project, iNocchioPe. It's my virtual puppet framework for the iPhone that you control by tipping.
Right now, it swaps images associated with a slewed tilt code, but eventually, it will be creating frames by interpolating vector based animated gestures from a certain well known program of mine. I may keep the images too, though because they are fun, if not so smooth looking.
The generated frames will have some natural motion built in, like blinks and sneezes.

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21 August 2008

Sruti "Ready For Sale"

You may not see it yet, but SrutiBox is poised to go on sale in the app store. I was actually using it myself to get some calm in my life and stop being in my head so much.
I'll come up with that public video and sound samples, I guess.

Meanwhile, TiltSynth is also shaping up as the next app in line, I'm thinking of changing its synth engine to one more like Sruti's.
There's already an OSC client out there for the iPhone, OSCemote, with a lite version that's free. Also there is mrmr, which is a very interesting OSC controller project that lets you configure the interface via OSC and discover it via Bonjour (zeroconf). But neither of them sport native synth - I think.

In fact, I'm thinking of a lot of things. The engine of the internet Synthesizer (circa 1995) is not too bad, and the synth engine behind Buzz, my Amiga-based sound server might be OK here too. I could also do a version of RGS, which would be easy and fin to do, and other ancient Amiga JForth programs, like the one that breaks up audio into zero-crossing loops and lets you skim over them to play them. There's also LYR from the old Amiga days, which might not adapt well, since it needs the keyboard to act as autoharp buttons.

And then, there are a lot of other things, not audio related, that I'm working on.

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20 August 2008


TiltSynth is almost on its way in - I may change the synth algorithm though. The exciting part is that I've made a little OSC object and am sending OSC using it.

The OSC commands:
/[iphone id]/tiltsynth/xyz three floats of slewed x, y, z. 50 times a second.
/[iphone id]/tiltsynth/slew the slew value when it's changed.
/[iphone id]/tiltsynth/volume the volume level value when it's changed.
/[iphone id]/tiltsynth/freq the center frequency value when it's changed.

I may also be adding multi touch info - tapping, positions of fingers, etc (and work that into the synth).

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18 August 2008


I'm working on a new mysterious application - a randomized synthesiser toy called Leskapett. Leskapett's documenttion is in a made-up language, so it will remain a mystery - although I may do the version info in a kind of uneducated English. For this interface, the ides is that these are magic singing rocks or something like that.
Leskapett is going to use an interesting interface convention - multi buttons . areas on the screen will have several hit masks associated with them , and those masks will be passed to a de-bouncing aggregator which will come up with a slewed weighted sum of the hits in that area over the last second or so. So, these contol signals are figured out every 1/50th of a second or so and drive the synthesis, which is actually randomly hooked up . More to come!

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16 August 2008

Sruti in Review

SrutiBox is currently in Review by Apple . We'll see if it makes it into the app store soon!
Meanwhile, I made a few minor changes and am setting up v1.0.1.

I'm also working on more apps.
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14 August 2008

V1.0 submitted

SrutiBox as submitted to the App Store
I made a few more changes and submitted the thing to the app store. I hope it gets approved - I hope it gets popular!
The changes:
- improved Help pages. They are essentially the same as the new SrutiBox web pages: as seen here.
- LFO changed to "Chorus", because, who cares that it's an LFO.
- Timbre numbers from 1 instead of 0 in the UI. the timbres remain the same, though.
- base frequencies of the "named notes" raised to be based on A=220, because it was mighty quiet on the physical iPhone.

I am annoyed by the 11Khz buzz that comes from having such a low sample rate, but it was something I didn't want to spend cycles filtering out.

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13 August 2008

Real Sruti Scale, info page

I've added a "real" Sruti scale, taken from the official 22 srutis, to the scale list.
And there's a new info button and title there too, so you can read instructions on the "next page".
Now to write up more instructions and tips, and try to optimize the synth a little more.
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12 August 2008

Scales adjusted

Sruti Box

The Box now has these changes:

1) you can type a note name in the base frequency spot and get standard tones. that way, you won't need to remember the frequencies of specific notes. You can spell the notes in upper or lower case, and the accidentals with s,f,# or b, e.g. B-flat can be spelled: Bb,Bf As or a#.

2) the three ratio sets are now chosen with buttons and not with a segment bar (which was fairly unstylable).

3) The random button will randomized the current scale, not just the ET 12 scale as before. You can see the offestes in cents (¢) and repeatedly hitting "Rand" will rewarp the scale.

Sruti Box with random scale

3) setting the LFO to 30 actually turns it off. For a slow LFO, nudge it back a bit.

The Random and the LFO do a lot to add a little life to the otherwise static sounding tones. If you turn up the timbre when the base frequency is low, there is a lot of higher frequency life as well since you hear a comb filter effect.
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11 August 2008

Current SrutiBox


The current SrutiBox adds a 12 equal tempered scale and a randomly detuned 12 ET scale, and makes the detuning LFO better sounding. The random scale changes each time you access the scale bar, and detunes by a not more than a 1/8 tone (2^(1/48) sharp or flat.
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08 August 2008

Work on SrutiBox continues apace

SrutiBox, 08/08/08

Here is the current look of SrutiBox. I've added more "reeds", allow two tonal structures and fixed some rendering bugs.
The intervals it uses for its scales right now are:

1/1 , 9/8 , 5/4 , 4/3 , 3/2 , 5/3 , 15/8 , 2/1 , 9/8' , 5/4' , 3/2' , 2/1'
4/4 , 5/4 , 6/4 , 7/4 , 8/4 , 9/4 , 10/4 , 11/4 , 12/4 , 13/4 , 14/4 , 15/4

I don't like the way the UISegmentedControl works, so I'll probably replace it with two (or more) buttons.

I also need a credits page.

Ideally, I should also be able to save the volume set ups under names ... eventually to morph between them would be intense!

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