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version 1.0.4
[SORRY: I'm not releasing TiltSynth as there are already a few apps like it in the AppStore ]
TiltSinth uses the iPhone's accellerometer to make some squeals in a simple synth patch.

The info page (hit the (i) button) shows three sliders that control the central frequency, the accelerometer slew rate and the amplitude. You can also change the OSC server host:port configurations. You can change the OSC id so you can run several iPhone TiltSynths simultaneously into an OSC consuming patch. The control rate is roughly 50 cps.

It also sends out these Open Sound Control (OSC) messages:

  • /[your phone name]/tiltsynth/xyz : three "slewed" floats representing the z,y,z tilts
  • /[your phone name]/tiltsynth/volume : one float with the volume slider setting
  • /[your phone name]/tiltsynth/freq: one float with the center frequency slider setting
  • /[your phone name]/tiltsynth/slew: one float with the slew slider setting

Here's a little YouTube demo of TiltSynth, in its pre-Official API form:

Thank You!
And Thanks to Ben Lowengard for the loan of the iMac
  Henry Lowengard

• Questions? Write to tiltsynth "at" jhhl.net, or go to the contact page. When I get questions asked frequently, I'll put up a FAQ page!
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Information in this web page takes precedence over the information built into the TiltSynth application. In short, if there's a conflict, this document wins.

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