Sruti Box Version Information

version 1.1.0

v1.1.0 - Oct 2, 2008

  • "pumping" is more realistic now. It's more responsive to keeping it "pumped" by hand (unless you change the minimum volume). It keeps the lower numbered reeds going while fading out the higher numbered reeds as the "air pressure" goes down.
  • Sample rate increased to 16537.5 Hz.
  • New timbre list picker give the timbres names. Many new timbres as well! Some new timbres are calculated with weighted harmonic content to sumulate "real" reeds, other new timbres are based on human vowel sounds.
  • New "stretch" button hides the block of controls at the top of the screen and opens up the array of volume controls for more accurate sliding and multi touch control!
  • The Harm and Sruti Interval Sets, along with two others, are customizable sets. You can define intervals in a number of ways, name the intervals and name the interval sets.
  • Sliders have max and min icons at the bottom for easier settings of sliders.
  • Triple clicking a volume slider will cause all the other volume sliders to be set to the same value.
  • You can save and restore the whole SrutiBox's settings under a name. The settings can be deleted and renamed.

  • If you put in a bad Base Frequency, let you correct it immediately, and unrecognized base frequencies respond with '?'
  • Revised instructions, made type bigger!
  • Problem "clicking on the info button sometimes does nothing" fixed. It was really too close to the top of the screen, which is a known iPhone problem.
  • Optimized the inner synthesis loop, allowing a higher sample rate.
v1.0.1 - released Sept 2, 2008

  • Added versions information (this file).
  • Made the "air" decay more quickly.
  • New "splash" screen while loading.
  • Nicer icon.
  • Chorus speed top limit lengthened to 60 secconds.
  • Lowest frequency dropped to 10 Hz.


  • Fixed typos and other aesthetics in the instructions.
  • Setting the minimum volume does not jump the current volume ("air pressure") to that new value - it lets it go there naturally.
v1.0 - Aug 14, 2008
initial release

© 2008 Henry Lowengard, sruti box picture from http://www.kalakendar.com/