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Lake Piano

version 1.0

April 10, 2009

Currently (Feb 2017) not in the App store; stay tuned for a much needed update!

Imagine a piano in a summer home on a small lake, far in the north of the Northeastern United States. Imagine the piano sitting there for 60 or 70 years, untuned and unmaintained.
The naturally prepared timbres of the Lake Piano are now here for you, each missing felt, each individual nuance of the key action and character-filled tones. Briskly recorded one summer in lo-fi, these samples also contain sounds of children, cats, screen doors, and the summer breeze.
Lake Piano is played with a double row of scrolling piano keys, which allows one to have access to two octaves of nostalgia in any musical key, or at least a passing resemblance to a key.
It also sports a volume slider for all your volume adjusting purposes.
In Version 1.0, you can't play two keys at the same time, but the next release will allow it.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video of this dance of my 6 year old daughter, shot by my 8 year old son, while I improvised on the REAL Lake Piano.

By the author of SrutiBox,Droneo and Wind Chimes.
Samples of Lake Piano:
[to come]


Tips and Hints
  • As with other iPhone audio applications, if you are connecting the device to an amplifier, you may want to disable the phone function using the Airplane Mode setting, so you don't hear the occasional noise resulting from GSM synchronization. It's also going to be better for your battery!
  • Headphones or earbuds are recommended for a good stereo effect. It's also good amplified.
  • Make sure the volume is not too high - your ears - and the iPhone's earbuds and speakers - are delicate!
  • Lake Piano uses a largish amount of memory and may use more in the future. It sometimes comes up with an "out of memory" dialogue. Because of this, it may not start up if you are running other applications, so restart your device by holding the 'Lock' button for about 5 seconds if you have this problem (which is rather well known for applications with large numbers of samples and other data).

Thank You!
Thanks to the MacMillans and Grahams of Knollwood,
and Thanks to Ben Lowengard for the loan of the iMac
  Henry Lowengard

• Questions? Write to LakePiano "at" jhhl.net, or go to the contact page.

© 2009 Henry Lowengard.

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© 2009 Henry Lowengard.