Droneo Version Information

version 1.5.2

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v1.5.2 Jan 2017
  • in Voice choosing screen:
    • Blank now works even if you had searched
    • Today, Recent, Hours "special" searches added
  • Inter App Audio host launch button available
  • Information PDF now exportable.
  • Information PDF updated.
  • Updated AudioCopy 3
v1.5 July 2016
At last! Audiobus and IIA support is back.
  • Audiobus (2.3.1)
  • TheAmazingAudioEngine (1.5.6)
  • AudioCopy pasting
  • AudioShare pasting
  • More variations on standard timbres:
    • Custom consort 1&2
    • Pattern 3 even faster
    • Pattern 4 very. very fast
    • Patterns starting with '?' are picked randomly
    • Custom pattern: much more power in patterning
  • Tone Spiral now scales automatically
  • You can load Droneo Voices directly insteady of having to use voice banks. This includes:
    • built-in voices
    • voices you've saved
    • voices from Droneo Voices, the web repository
  • Updated Documentation
v1.3.51 Jan 2014
Droneo 1.3.51 is a version with much better Audiobus support (in iOS7 only though)!
v1.3 November 2012
Sixth release
  • Huge number of improvements:
  • New timbres, including counting and patterns
  • Recordings and interface with Audio Copy and Paste
  • New PDF as instructions
  • Better tone spiral

  • Various other fixes
v1.2.2 November 2010
Fifth release
  • Runs in the background under iOS4.x!
  • You can change the "skin" using the new Droneo menu in Settings!
  • New Voice class "Consorts": collections of different timbres
  • Insect voices now have a long decay instead of a pulsed envelope.
  • Appirater removed. People weren't using it.

  • Tone spiral is more sensitive to touching the little circles
  • Various other fixes

Known bugs
  • a/k/a 1.3.4 for historical reasons!
v1.2.1 March 2010
Maintenance release
  • Newer FV1.1 exported Droneo Voice format is more flexible and tolerant. If the lines wrap because of some blog or mail standard, it will still import. You can change the order of the lines, and leave some out: it will supply defaults.

  • Exported RAND flag was always "YES"! now corrected.
  • Kept frequency is remembered between sessions.
  • Launching from droneo:// now loads blank patch bank first. Last Voices is still available, though.
v1.2 March 2010
Third release
  • More insect timbres, triangle and square timbres, and Evolving Mirror timbres, and new Evolving Chant.
  • The Timbre Picker has been reorganized into groups!.
  • Import / Export with clipboard.
  • New spash page!.
  • Longer wave form : more accurate sounding timbres.
  • Launch from droneo:// URI feature.
  • Standard note names for reed intervals now sport octaves!

  • Comment link in Instructions fixed!.
  • Chorus set to zero now resets chorus phase to 0. You can tell with low frequency insect voices.
  • setting the volume to 0 now resets the synthesis phase to 0. You can tell with low frequency insect voices.
  • Really low frequency "standard" notation sometimes returned (null) instead of a note name.
  • Tone spiral very low intervals in ET12 snap mode occasionally caused a crash, now fixed.
  • Unicode character custom names work in the tone spiral now. Also, real sharps and flats are now shown and not '#' and 'b'.
  • "Clickiness" in Evolving timbres greatly remediated.

Known bugs
  • No bugs
v1.1 October 2009
Second release
  • Comments now saved with Droneo Voices and Voice banks!
  • New "Insect" voices (same as my other program SrutiBox).
  • New "Evolving Mirror 4" voice.
  • New "tone spiral" allows interactive setting of intervals.
  • New instructions layout!
  • Appirater, Created by Arash Payan (http://arashpayan.com) put in to help get a few more ratings!

  • Rarely occurring crash during name saving fixed.
  • " Last Voices" set to read-only.
  • Vocal timbres are faster loading.
  • Evolving mirror timbres don't need to have Churn on to work.
  • Background honey comb is lighter and easier to read.

Known bugs
  • No bugs
v1.0 Apr 30 2009
Initial release
  • Released!

  • No fixes

Known bugs
  • No bugs

© 2009 Henry Lowengard