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What is polymorphic gestural realization?
What is at the bottom of this?
At the very bottom is a set of gestures that exist in space and time. The gestures are used to control the imagery: its colors, transparency, its position in space and time. It is philosophically related to a monad - an idealized form which we can only perceive from its shadows. The "same" art object results in several realizations, many wildly differing.
You can read a few more elaborations and artist's statements (as they evolve) on my "artist's statement blog"
What does that mean?
  • A series of images can be realized and turned into an animation on tape or DVD.
  • A series of high quality, fine art prints can also be made based on selected time spans from that monadic artwork.
  • A single, long panorama image can be created. (or a series of them)
  • Sound can be generated from the same gestures.
  • A virtual reality space can be created that can be interactively explored.
What is the technology behind this?
I started writing a program named Vapor Paint in 1989. This program has evolved over the years into a powerful rendering and modeling environment for manipulating gestural information and creating arbitrarily sized, motion blurred bitmaps, and occasionally other media.
  • Vapor Paint started to be useful in early 1990.
  • Vapor Paint was used to create many short animations used on the New York City Public Access programs Art Seen, WFMU-TV and Amuse-TV.
  • Vapor Paint was also used to create animations for an interactive computer piece running in Nam Jun Paik's environmental pavilion at the Taejon Expo in Taejon, Korea.
  • Vapor Paint was used to create spectrographically encoded audio for my piece Sublime Message on the Cuneiform CD "TRANSFORMS: THE NERVE EVENTS PROJECT" in 1993.
  • Vapor Paint's modeler was used to create VRML models for France Telecom at Telecom '95.
  • Vapor Paint created a large triptych shown at the Dong-Ah Gallery, Seoul, Korea in the summer of 1995.
  • Vapor Paint was also used to create all of the animation in Delicious Evening, (2004) a short video presented at Deep Listening Space on October 20th 2004.
    Detailed information and example frames are here!
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